Happy New Year!

Wow, what an incredible year 2014 was. I published three books--three.

The Lucky Charm
The Lucky Charm
Getting Lucky
Getting Lucky
Frequent Flyers
Frequent Flyers

Compare this to 2013, when I published zero books and even the thought of publishing one made me practically break out into hives.

So it's been a great year. I felt so welcomed and encouraged by so many people. It'd be impossible to list them all, but if you downloaded or read one of my books this year, THANK YOU. You made 2014 one of the best years of my life.

And if you did read one of my books, would you give me the greatest gift a reader can give an author and please post a review? It doesn't matter where it is. It doesn't matter if it's not five stars. It doesn't matter if you hated it. I know some authors don't read reviews, but I read every single one. Very often I will agree the most with the three or four star reviews that give good critical and constructive feedback. That's what helps make me a better author. And if there's something that I want to be, it's a better author--for me, but mostly for you.

But enough of looking back on the past. What will 2015 bring us?

I'm getting married this year (in September). So that is pretty exciting.

Here we are at the last Steelers game of the year, while we were on the east coast visiting our families for Christmas.


It was FREEZING and I had the worst cold in collective memory, so forgive my looking a bit like death.

But what you really want to know about is what's in the writing works, right?

Of course.

Obviously (and even more obviously if you've read Getting Lucky), there will be a third and final book in the Portland Pioneers series. It's tentatively titled Luck be a Lady and it's heroine is none other than the reporter everyone loves to hate--Tabitha King.

At least nobody can accuse me of going the easy route. Sigh.

I also have another novel planned that's very different than the Portland Pioneers series. It's not titled yet, and it's little more than a mental outline and a whole bunch of rambling, but I'm super excited about it. Genre is a cross between romance, magical realism, fantasy and paranormal. Should be pretty interesting.

Again, thank you for such a wonderful 2014 and cheers to 2015!