Announcing the 2nd book in the Portland Pioneers series!

Long time no talk, guys! I've been so busy this summer, finishing up the draft of the second book in my Portland Pioneers series. It's done, and in edits, and I can't wait for you to read it, but to tide you over, I've decided to release the title of the book. Noah's book is no longer called Noah's book, it's . . .


Funny story about the title. I absolutely had zero intention of putting "luck" anywhere in the title of the second book, or in any other book in the Portland Pioneers series. The Lucky Charm was a great title and it fit Jack and Izzy's story so well, but I didn't want to end up with a long list of cliched titles--and even more importantly I didn't want to end up stuck being forced into using a title or a phrase with luck in it for the third book. Because, let's face it, if I used "luck" twice, I was definitely painting myself into a corner.

Unfortunately, my wonderful other half offhandedly suggested this title to me as we took one of our evening walks. And double unfortunately, I knew right away that it was absolutely, devastatingly perfect, but like any crazy artistic person, I fought it. I worried myself sick over finding a title for the third book that was feasible before the third book was even written. I waited months to announce it, hoping that while I was writing Noah's book that more appropriate inspiration would strike.

It never did.

Getting Lucky was hopelessly inevitable from the beginning.

Also, I've revamped and expanded the blurb of Getting Lucky:

He might have struck out. . .

Noah Fox's life is changing. Ever since he was hit in the head by a pitch, nothing has been the same. Fighting daily headaches and the growing fear that his baseball career is over, Noah goes in search of the woman who once loved and left him.

But he refuses to stop swinging.

What he finds in the tiny town of Sand Point is nothing he could have ever expected. A trained chef and a certified “foodie,” Maggie May King has been perfectly content to devote the last three years of her life to running her baby, the Sand Point Café. Noah’s never met anyone less awed by his good looks or his celebrity, and even though she’s the last person he should be befriending, he finds himself seduced by Maggie’s sweetness and her even sweeter orange rolls.

The release date of Getting Lucky is December 1, 2014.