Quentin is a perfect gentleman — it’s been so long since Landon was on a real date, he’s almost forgotten what that means. He pulls Landon’s chair out for him, and he’s this ridiculous, flawless combination of proper and seductive, letting just the tips of his fingers brush the small of his back as he makes sure the chair is at the right distance from the table.

It’s the wildest, sexiest thing Landon has ever experienced, and they still haven’t gotten to the food.

Almost pop-star Landon Patton has just turned a corner on the worst two years of his life:  dropped by his label and dumped by his ungrateful ex-boyfriend. However, his new agent's brilliant plan for Landon's superstardom doesn’t have anything to do with his music – it’s called Kitchen Wars, and it’s the hottest new reality show on TV.

Landon wishes he could have nothing to do with it. 

Since the first morning he mixed flour and water, Quentin Maxwell knew he wanted to be a baker. After becoming the pastry chef at a popular LA bakery, anyone else might be satisfied. But Quen wants to call his own shots. Going on Kitchen Wars to win the money for his own bakery seems like a huge risk, but maybe it's worth it. 

They’re an unlikely pair. Landon can’t even figure out how to turn an oven on, while Quentin makes his living with one. But with each passing week on Kitchen Wars, they discover what a great team they make – on set, off set, and between the sheets.  

Winning should be everything, but what happens when the tastiest pairing is their own?

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