Leo finished tidying up and when he stood back to admire his work, tried again to picture the house from Caleb’s point of view. Would he remember when they painted the feature wall in the dining room? When they got more paint on themselves and the drop cloth than the wall? Would he remember picking the tile in the kitchen? Would he remember the first time he cooked Leo dinner in their kitchen? Would he remember Leo that fucked him against the counter afterwards, desperate and desperately in love?

Leo decided it wouldn’t matter, because he remembered. He couldn’t forget.

When Caleb Chance walked out in Detroit five years ago, leaving his band, millions of his fans and his lover behind, Leo knew he could never forgive.

 Some things, no matter what the cause, are unforgivable.

But Leo never expected Caleb to show up again, clean and sober and wanting to get their band, Star Shadow, back together. He definitely never expected to agree to Caleb’s plan.

He never expected to confront the love of his life again—or the disaster of his past, the hopelessness of his future, and every terrible thing he’s been carrying inside him.

But maybe some things aren’t so terrible after all.