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“Why do you call me Calvin?” he asked. He’d almost swallowed the question down with his bite of burger, but they were being honest.

“Because nobody else does.” She smirked. “You nailed it—I’m greedy.”

He wanted to tell her that she could be as greedy as she wanted with him. But he was already on edge, and that might push him right over it.

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"You know who I am. Most of what you’ve heard is true. But I'm not offering any apologies, and I'm definitely not looking for redemption."

Content enough with her life, Tabitha King never let herself realize that running from your problems doesn’t actually solve them.

She never planned on going back to Sand Point.

Or giving into Calvin Keller.

All that changes with one phone call, and it turns all her carefully constructed excuses upside down. She realizes it’s time to take control of her life, and part of that means accepting the love she's fought against for years.

Will a second chance be what Tabitha needs or will it drag her back to a place she never meant to go?