Carter looked up into new guy’s deep blue eyes, framed with a fringe of unfairly lush sandy brown lashes, and everything he was about to say—namely, “why don’t you watch where the hell you’re walking!”—died in his throat.

This was another reason why he wasn’t dating some cute guy he’d met at Starbucks or at the frozen custard place down the street from his condo. Anytime he was even the slightest bit attracted to a man, his brain took an immediate hiatus and every available word dried up.

“Uh,” Carter said helpfully.

For the last six months, shy, nerdy, English teacher Carter Bennett has been crushing on the brand new PE teacher.

It doesn’t matter how many months in the school year there are, Carter knows that cool, laid-back, college baseball star Nolan returning his feelings is hopeless.

Until they’re both called in front of the Principal and given an impossible task: take over the spring musical from the MIA choir director.

Carter knows all about literature and plays, but had to give up his college theater major because his shyness was too crippling. Nolan knows even less. But despite lapses in choreography, terrible acting, a complete lack of sets, and costumes from the eighteenth century, they’re going to have to hit all the right notes, together.