I touch him every time he comes in for his haircut, but this feels radically different. I risk another glance up at him, and I’ve never really thought about how much taller he is before, but now that I notice, I can’t not notice. He must have six inches on me. If we ever kissed, he’d have to bend down and I’d have to rise up to meet his lips. I have to shake the visual out of my head and pay attention to what Chris is saying, because unfortunately, there is no kissing happening today.

This summer, the temperature’s rising in Rio . . .

Olivia Russell is a little desperate. What’s a girl to do when the excessively hot, sorta shy swimmer she’s always pined for finally appears to return her feelings? Right before he heads to Rio and the Olympic Games?

Tweet him, of course.

Chris Muller doesn’t know he ended up here. He’s been in love with Olivia for three years. But @ArieltheMermaid is funny and clever and doesn’t make him sweat. Should he holdout for the cool blonde he’s wanted forever, or fall for the cute, spunky girl he only knows through Twitter?

When Chris discovers the truth, even the pool won’t be enough to cool him off.

note: this novella was previously offered for free but has since been edited and expanded.