Owen wasn’t one for all that New Age shit. He didn’t get his aura read or his chakras balanced. But right now...right now he knew. If they kissed, his world would change.

Kiss him, a voice in his head urged, sounding oddly enough like the bartender. Don’t fuck this up, Lindsay. The hair on his arms stood up.

Before he could move, the loudspeaker behind them went off, startling both of them.

Once upon a time, a hockey player and a baseball player walked into a bar...

It wasn’t coincidence that brought Red to New York. It wasn’t coincidence that got him stuck there overnight either.

After taking a unscheduled detour on the way to his grandmother’s house, hockey player Red O'Reilly finds himself snowed in at the airport. What could have been a bleak Christmas Eve suddenly turns magical when Owen “the Wolf” Lindsay, a wicked pitcher with an irresistible charm who Red's been crushing on for years sits down next to him in the last open seat in the bar.

If Owen had left New York when he was supposed to, he wouldn't be trapped in the worst airport in the world. He also wouldn't have met the sexy, irrepressible young Red and that would have been a tragedy. Could it just be coincidence that they are both in the same place at the same time?

No, this has to be something much stronger than coincidence; they just might have a bonafide Christmas miracle on their hands.