This was the only date she’d ever have with Grant Montgomery III: chicken nuggets and french fries and sludge masquerading as coffee, eaten in a rented Camry, as they drove from Columbus to Cleveland in a snowstorm. And even though she’d wanted to make more of it, make more of his smiles and his looks, and his confessions about his family, Tess realized she should have known better. She’d probably only ever be that flight attendant who sprayed him with lukewarm Coke that one time.

Commercial pilot Captain Grant Montgomery III lives for the rules; flight attendant Tess O’Brien loves to break them.

Tess hates running into Captain Montgomery when she’s working. On her best day, he’s intimidating and kind of an ass. On her worst, he bore the brunt of the most embarrassing moment of her life. So when she’s forced to drive from Columbus to Cleveland with him in the middle of the worst snowstorm Ohio’s seen in years, Tess can’t imagine anything more terrible.

The storm brewing between them might be even wilder than the record-breaking blizzard outside.

But as they drive further into the storm and further into danger, Tess discovers that so many of the assumptions she’d made about Grant are flawed, exaggerated and even just plain wrong. She was hoping the trip would finally confirm once and for all that he’s a jerk, but instead, she finds herself increasingly fascinated–and attracted–to him.

What people say...

"The chemistry between her and Grant is, at first, awkward, but the exploration the 2 of them go on during the storm is well rounded and thought out.

Even though its only a short story, it never feels rushed or as if the author passes information by." ~ M.B., goodreads

"Eye of the Storm is the story of Tess and Grant. The two had been admiring each other from a far, but Tess was never confident enough to approach the seemingly stiff Grant. I loved the story that Bolden weaved and the characters she created. Making an effort to spend time with someone can completely change your point of view. The attraction was always there for Tess, she just needed the opportunity to pull back some of Grant's layers to find the man inside. A beautiful story of "don't judge a book by it's cover"is told in this eloquently written tale." ~ Lindsey Gray, goodreads